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A volumetric concrete mixer (also known as mobile mixer or volumetric mobile mixer) is a mixer mounted on a truck or trailer that contains separate compartments for sand, stone, cement and

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A mix, by volume, is about 10 cement, aggregates, and water. Entrained air bubbles in many concrete mixtures may also take up another Besides Portland Cement,

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HM12HE Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck the overseas version of HM10H, but with more 12 cubic yards that carry up to 120 cubic feet of cement. Very popular in Europe and


Cemen Tech is the largest manufacturer of volumetric technology. Our concrete mixers are used in over 70 countries with customer success based on our cutting-edge technology,

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About Mobile Mixers. Mobile or volumetric mixers offer many advantages for the delivery of concrete that conventional ready-mix drum mixers cannot offer. With mobile mixers, the

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VOLUMETRIC CONCRETE VS READY MIXED CONCRETE. It is always important for you weigh up the and cons when choosing which concrete delivery is right for you. We already made

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Get in touch for a full availability of used concrete mixers. 2004-2006 Terex Advance Mixer Trucks. More than 10 units available. Various hours and use. Maintenance logs available. Log in for More Info. 2000 Volvo London Mixer Truck. Only 2000 Yards Through Drum. Log


Volumetric mixers are all about versatility and customization. UNBEATEN COST-EFFECTIVENESS Compared to Readymix trucks or batch plants, volumetric mixers deliver better value for money for a wide range of

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Mar 12, Volumetric mixers are mobile concrete plants flexible, versatile and ready to go whenever needed on a job site. Quickly and easily set up concrete production on job site and start pouring within an hour. No waste, no wait, and the exact design mix every time. Easy Set Up Drive to the location and you are ready to


Volumetric Mixers Volumetric Concrete Mixer Manufacturer Cemen Tech is the largest manufacturer of volumetric technology. Our concrete mixers are used in over 70 countries with customer success based on our cutting-edge technology, superior support, and the most innovative, versatile concrete production solutions

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Batch, measure, mix and pour fresh concrete - on-site and on-demand. With a ProAll Mobile Concrete Mixer, you control the mix design, the quality and the quantity of concrete, putting you in the seat of your jobsite and industry. ProAll designs and builds the most advanced volumetric concrete mixers in the

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Volumetric mixing is your ideal solution. When dealing with ready mix, you test it upon arrival, of course, before placing it to be sure it will perform as needed. If it pass the test, you reject it and wait on a new batch, wasting time, materials, and the opportunity to keep the on-site crew productive and the project on

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Myth Volumetric concrete mixing is a new and unproven technology 1965 Patent granted for the Concrete-Mobile Over 2,500 Concrete-Mobiles were produced by 1980 Over 10,000 Volumetric Concrete Mixers produced by 2000 In use in every state in the United States, and over half of all countries in the

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Simply defined, a volumetric mixer is a machine that delivers a specific, controllable, volume of material at a constant rate to produce a particular product. The most basic incorporates, 1 shovel of cement, 2 shovels of sand and 3

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Titan Volumetric Mixers Made with 450 steel, the Titan mixer is built to last with double the expected lifespan and experiencing 1350 lbs of weight savings. Discover Commonly used Volumetric Mixers Volumetric mixers save you the trips back to the batch plant, and make sure that the concrete you pour is the exact mix the job

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The volumetric concrete mixer is basically a concrete production plant on wheels. Instead of creating the concrete ahead of time and transporting the product to jobsites via redi mix truck, the volumetric mixer combines various ingredients (water, cement and aggregate) on-site. Teams pour the exact amount of concrete they need

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We Offer Volumetric Mixer Systems For Rent For Sale At ABC Concrete, we not only use the computerized volumetric mixer system to pour our own concrete products, we also rent and sell these top-notch concrete trucks. We believe in their quality and are happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to their